For the Day Shift Lindy Hop workshops, there are three levels to choose from:

  • Beginner+
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate-Advanced

Please note: the Day Shift workshops are not suitable for absolute beginners. If you want to learn Lindy Hop, come to the free taster class for beginners during Punch the Clock on Friday evening!

The Sunday Shift Mozambican dance workshops are suitable for dancers with no specific experience.

Lindy Hop levels


You’ve recently started taking weekly Lindy Hop classes, so you know your rock steps, triple steps and bounce. You’ve also practiced some of the basic moves, and maybe you’ve attended a social or two. You’re excited to learn moreLindy Hop or Charleston basics.


You’re an enthusiastic social dancer with a bit of experience. On the dancefloor you confidently swing out with newbies and advanced dancers alike. You’re ready to explore and discover more!


You’re an ambitious experienced dancer. You go to national and international workshops and have taken classes from different teachers in different scenes. You want the teachers to challenge your rhythm, technique and tempo.

In doubt?

Ask your own teachers or fellow dancers for advice if you are still unsure what level would suit you best.

If you remain uncertain, contact us for advice.

In an ongoing class, if it become apparent that the level is not right for you, the teachers will ask you to talk to someone from the SwingFactoryBreda team. They will work out your options and find a way to ensure that everyone can continue learning and enjoying the programme.