Rules and conditions

The SwingCityBreda privacy policy and general rules apply to anyone present at the SwingFactoryBreda event. Anyone in breach of these rules may be removed from the event and the venues.

In addition, the following conditions apply regarding the SwingFactoryBreda event specifically.


  • The event = the workshops, classes, parties and other activities organised under the name SwingFactoryBreda.
  • The organisation = Stichting SwingCityBreda, the hired teachers, and the volunteers contributing towards running the event.
  • A participant = anyone who has registered or bought a ticket for one or more event activities.
  • An attendee = anyone present at the venue(s) in relation to the event.

Responsibility and liability

  • All attendees will show respectful behaviour towards the people and goods at the venues, in accordance with the general rules linked above.
  • The organisation is neither responsible nor liable for any damage or injury incurred during or in relation to the event.
  • The organisation can change the programme if circumstances necessitate it.
  • Ticket sales handled by Podium Bloos are subject to the terms and conditions set by Podium Bloos.


  • Participants attend the workshops at the level indicated at registration, unless the organisation decides that the chosen level is not suitable.
  • If opinions differ about the suitability of a level, the workshop teachers decide.

If you cannot attend after all

  • Tickets and registrations cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded.
  • You can sell or give your Swing Shift tickets to someone else.
  • You can sell or give your workshop registration to a someone else with the same level and dance role. You must inform the organisation about your absence and provide the name and email address of your replacement applicable.


As part of the registration process, you provide personal data such as your name and email address. This kind of data is subject to the privacy policy of Stichting SwingCityBreda. THe policy sets out how we handle and protect your data. It comes down to: we only use the data for the purpose of handling your registration, and we take care to store and process your data safely.