Punch the Clock

Friday evening 17 November, 20:00-00:30.

A fun Lindy Hop social dance for everyone. It includes a taster class Lindy Hop for absolute beginners (20:00-20:45). DJ duo Kings of Swing from Antwerp will spin the tunes.

Venue: Belcrumhuis.

No ticket or registration required.

Day Shift

Saturday 18 November, 09:45 (int-adv) or 10:00 (other levels) – 17:30.

Three Lindy Hop workshops by teachers Valentina & Clément, Marnix & Merel, and Smile Trio Mozambique (Elias & Augusto Manhiça & Eugênio Macuvel).

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Venues: Belcrumhuis and Podium Bloos / Theater Tiuri.

Swing Shift

Saturday evening 18 November, 20:00-1:00.

Big Lindy Hop party with live music by The Kalishnikovs, and DJ Julien Rayée in the breaks. The party includes a tap dance taster class by Marieke Roest (20:00-20:45).

Tickets sales through Podium Bloos.

Venue: Podium Bloos.

Sunday Shift

Sunday 6 November, 11:30-15:30.

Mozambican group dances taught by Elias & Augusto Manhiça & Eugênio Macuvel (Smile Trio Mozambique):

  • 11:30-13:00 Ngalanga
    One of the circle dances from the Chopi people of southern Mozambique, Ngalanga is a dance that brings pure joy and happiness.
  • 14:00-15:30 Wajaba 
    A traditional dance practiced mainly by the Makonde people of northern Mozambique, Wajaba revolves around initiation rites. Young people discover how to behave in society, how to live in community with others, how to share ideas, thoughts and love.

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Venue: De Spoorzoeker.