Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take part without a dance partner?

You don’t need to bring a dance partner for the parties (Punch the Clock and Swing Shift). We will improvise to make sure that everyone can take part in the taster classes during those parties. (Experienced dancers are invited to join in to help balance the numbers here!)

The Mozambican dance workshops during Sunday Shift are also open to dancers without partners.

For the Day Shift workshops we do need to control the ratio of followers and leaders. You can register without a partner, and we will place you on our waiting list until a another single registration for the other dance role comes in.

During all workshops and classes, we rotate so everyone dances with multiple partners.

Can I show up without prior registration or a ticket?

No registration or ticket is needed for the Punch the Clock social on Friday evening.

You do need a ticket for the Swing Shift party on Saturday evening. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door (PIN only, no cash).

You cannot take part in the Day Shift or Sunday Shift workshops without prior registration and payment.

I'm uncertain which level to pick, what should I do?

If you’ve read the level descriptions but you are still unsure what level to pick, you could ask your own teachers or fellow dancers for advice.

If you remain uncertain, contact us for advice.

In an ongoing class, if it becomes apparent that the level is not right for you, the teachers will refer you to someone from the SwingFactoryBreda team. They will work out your options and find a way to ensure that everyone can continue learning and enjoying the programme.

What if I need to cancel?

Tickets and registrations cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded.

However, you give or sell your ticket or registration to someone else.

With regard to Day Shift and Sunday Shift registrations:

  • Your replacement must dance the same role at the same level as you.
  • Let us know by e-mail whose name to add to our attendance list instead of your own.
  • You can also ask us if there’s a suitable replacement on our waiting list. We can bring you into contact with them so you can arrange the matter together.

Can I help?

Yes please! Contact us on

We are always looking for people who would be willing and able to host teachers and dancers from out of town. And we could also use some help at the registration desk and behind the bar and with designing and creating fun photo props, putting up decorations at the party venues, etc.

Where is it happening?

Punch the Clock is in Belcrumhuis.

The Day Shift workshops take place in Belcrumhuis, Podium Bloos and Theater Tiuri. We’ll send participants their schedule and venues in good time. The lunch during Day Shift will be in Podium Bloos.

The Swing Shift party is in Podium Bloos.

You can find the venue addresses and a map at Venues.